Sea Lion Exits Ocean To Swim In Pool, Steal Man’s Lounge Chair

Because sea lions are the jokers of the ocean, this is a video of a pinniped exiting the ocean and climbing the stairs to a resort pool, where it takes a dip before chasing a man out of his lounge chair. THAT’S MY CHAIR, TOURIST! It then proceeds to rub itself all over the chair the way my dogs try to get their smell all over freshly washed sheets. ELEANOR! IS THAT A TURD?!

@gailstoneheart Wait for it…@bmorekenzie619 s video 💙#sealion #seal #galapagos #funny #sunbed #wildlife #swim #holiday #luxury ♬ original sound – Gail Stoneheart

Note: TikTok video HERE in case your browser has a thing against fun in the sun.

Thanks again to JustA, who’s taking me on a cruise in June and I will 100% be that sea lion.