Sure, Why Not?: Kids Sledding In A Boat Pulled Behind ATV

Because some people still know how to have a good time, this is a video from Canon City, Colorado, of seven kids sledding in a boat being towed behind an ATV. There’s no way that can be good for the boat aside, some more info while I attempt the opposite and go boating with a sled and require almost immediate rescue:

“This video is of a group of cousins (all next door neighbors) who live on farm land. The first winter storm in Colorado 2020 produced almost a foot of snow and ice. Naturally they cancelled in school. Well, you have to keep them entertained somehow. We had an old boat, an ATV, a bunch of land and a blast! No one was injured during the filming of this fun.”

Hey — as long as it’s not my boat, I’m down. Heck, as long as it’s not my anything, I’m down. You want to ride around on your coffee table towed behind an ATV? I’ll get my gloves. Your bed? Let me just grab some beer. A piece of plywood from the scrap pile in my garage? Don’t even think about it.