Just think of all the ammo I've wasted in the shower!
Tear Gun Instantly Freezes Tears To Shoot Back At Who Or Whatever Made You Cry

Seen here wasting perfectly good ammo by crying from the wrong eye (you have to focus!), this is a video demonstration of the Tear Gun, the brainchild of designer Yi Fei Chen while she was in design school that freezes a user’s tears for immediate reuse as biological weapons. Some more info about the gun while I invent an actual snot rocket:

For Yi-Fei Chen, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, her impossibility to speak up in self-defense during a confrontation with her tutors resulted in an internal burst of frustration, but externally only defenceless tears emerged. After that she decided to acknowledge this weakness, but reacting to it through her graduation project: “Tear Gun”, a minimal device that freezes tears instantly, ready to be fired in self-defense. According to Alessandro Ludovico (chief editor of Neural magazine) “The form she used to articulate and transform her uneasiness on both an intimate and a public level, has proven to be technically feasible and symbolically powerful, in a way that instantly makes it universal.”

Plus when you’re wearing it people will be less inclined to make you cry in the first place because you look like a mad scientist carrying some sort of steampunk gun. If they do still make you cry though just shoot them and escalate this argument into a felony. So — who or what was the last thing that made you cry? Mine was the clamshell packaging for my new earbuds, which *looking over shoulder to aim incendiary fart cannon* has officially cut its last finger.