The Kraken!: Diver Gets Surprise Hugs And Kisses From Giant Octopus

Because under the sea is the place to be if you’re freaky deaky, this is a video of photographer and Andrea Humphreys getting hugged and kissed by a giant Pacific octopus while exploring the Campbell River in Vancouver, British Columbia. In her own words, which yes, do involve suckers on her lips and an octopus hickey:

I lost track at 6 times of it coming to engage with me! On my camera, on my body with tentacles and suckers on my lips (yes I did end up with an octopus hickey!!). You can hear my squeals of excitement and amazement! A once in a lifetime moment and I feel so blessed that this amazing creature gave me the opportunity to have this encounter.

Ummmm…what? Six times?! That was a serious makeout session. Now I’m no expert on anything, but I’m getting an off-the-charts reading from my freaky-deaky meter, and I just replaced the batteries so I know it’s accurate. Do you think the octopus also whispered the location of Atlantis in her ear? Because I’d tongue-kiss Ursula for that info. Also: jetpacks for legs.