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The Sounds Of Boxing Matches With No Audience

This is a video from BT Sport Boxing of a series of bouts that took place with no audience due to COVID-19, so you can actually hear the sounds of the fights. Specifically the punches landing, the coaches yelling instructions, and everything the ref says. Like silence on a Saturday morning, that was nice to hear for a change. Of course I still got a little queasy watching these men pummel each other like that. I’m very anti-violence. “I just watched you put a coworker in a headlock.” That isn’t a coworker, that’s an alien in a human costume that I keep trying to make admit it.

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  1. iRawr

    Boxing has to be the most idiotic of sports… Pretty much every boxer ends up with serious brain damage for the rest of their life. Also is it really necessary to play sport when the risk of the virus is still high?