Holy smokes!
The New World Record Holder For Women’s Longest Legs

This is a Guinness World Record video about 17-year old Maci Currin, who recently claimed the record for longest legged female. Maci, who stands 6-feet 10-inches tall (~210cm), has legs that measure 134cm and 135cm long (~53-inches, 4’5″). Holy smokes! For reference *checking jean tag while I sit on toilet* my inseam is 34-inches but the cuffs drag a bit so I’m probably closer to 33 or 32, or need to start wearing a belt. “Do you ever worry you might be TOO fascinating?” Oh man — wait till I tell you the English muffin story from this morning. “What is it?” I had one for breakfast. “You didn’t!” WITH butter. “I hope you started writing the book.” I jotted down some notes.

Thanks to SH, who pointed out Guinness could have at least cut the volleyball footage of Maci trying to block the ball but it still going out of bounds on her side.

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  1. Sebastian Sauvage
    So flying is gonna suck forever
  2. James Mcelroy
    Also, i want to make leg jokes, but they all seem wildly inappropriate considering she’s 17 or whatever.
    1. Megatron Jenkins
      Probably a good idea, lmao!!!
  3. James Mcelroy
    did you toast it? Did use use a toaster? Oven??? Toaster Oven????? What level of toasting did you go to? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!