What do you say -- let's go get arrested!
Three Idiots Arrested For Doing Burnouts In Police Station Parking Lot

Because bad ideas come in all shapes and sizes, three drivers were recently arrested after coming up with the genius idea of doing burnouts in the parking lot of the Dearborn Police Department in Michigan. The drivers even went as far as taunting and yelling at the police before being arrested just down the street. Me? I try to draw as little attention from the police as possible, but that’s just me and I don’t drive a stock Dodge Challenger.

“When this happened, I was in my office and I could hear the sounds, and so were some of my other members of the department,” Shahin told WDIV News. “I literally looked out my window and saw these kids doing the burnout right in front of the police station.”

The chief bolted outside to grab the offenders’ license plate numbers and saw passengers hanging out the window, taunting him and anyone within range. Officers quickly tracked down and arrested three people associated with the incident, then impounded all three vehicles. Two of those were forfeited to the police.

Obviously, these kids are idiots. Mostly because why the hell would you do burnouts in a police station parking lot when you should have been doing DONUTS. Cops love those things! They probably would have let you hold their guns and given you all plastic police badges.