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To Infinity And Beyond!: Guy Performs High Jump On Unicycle

Trying hard and believing in yourself: some people still do it. Me? I abandoned that mantra months ago. ‘What a load of crock’ I told myself after scratching my eleventh losing $20 scratcher in a row while trying hard and believing in myself at max levels. This is a video of a man on a unicycle clearing a high jump of…I’m not really sure — maybe four feet? However high it was, that dog that comes running from the yard was IMPRESSED. “I knew you could do it, human,” I imagine it barking, the unicyclist not fluent enough in dog to appreciate the compliment. Me? I always pretend to understand what my dogs are saying and thank them for all the compliments even though they’re probably just calling me names and complaining I don’t give them enough treats even though I clearly do because they’re chubby little jerks.