"I think we're getting closer!"
Two Raccoons Jump In Futile Attempt To Open Door

In nowhere near it news, this is a video of two raccoons hopping up to try to reach the door latch of what appears to be a giant unadorned Hobbit-hole. Unfortunately for them, their little ineffectual jumps hardly bring them any closer to the latch than just standing there. One should have stood on the other’s shoulders two-raccoons-in-a-trenchcoat style. Still, I feel like this is a great metaphor for everything I’ve ever tired to do in life ever, and especially on a Monday.

@animalbaby7777 They both tried to open the door #raccoon #Little Raccoon#cute #animals #cuteanimals #zoo #fy #funny ♬ New Soul – Yael Naïm

Thanks to JustA, who confirmed this is what she looks like trying to reach a cooking pot on the top shelf in the kitchen and I have to help her.