Ultra-Close Lighting Strike Turns The Air To Fire

Note: Turn your volume down.

This is a video of someone filming a thunderstorm when God decides to try to smack them with a lightning bolt. I can’t tell what the lighting actually hit, but it was CLOSE. Some more info while I fly a key on a kite and then invent bifocals:

I grabbed my phone to record the rain/storm. I opened the door to get a better view and saw sparks! It cracked 2 of the posts that hold the roof up. One is barely hanging on…it is currently unsafe to use that outlet.

Aaaah, so it it hit the roof of the porch. I probably should have read that before copy/pasting it, but I like to fly by the seat of my pants. Or underwear in this case, which is almost always the case at home. All the delivery drivers in the area run before I can answer the door, I can tell you that.