And this is why I don't believe in buildings over three stories tall.
Video Of People Fleeing Skyscraper That Started Swaying For No Reason

This is a video from the streets of Shenzhen, China of people evacuating and fleeing the 71-story SEG Plaza skyscraper after it began swaying for no apparent reason. The building is the world’s 72nd tallest (21st tallest in China), and measures 256-meters (~840-feet) including its antennae. Officials reported calm winds and no seismic activity prior or during the building’s movement, so the cause has yet to be determined. Of course I already know what caused it. “Somebody jumping up and down in an elevator.” I do it every chance I get yelling ‘Take us now, Lord!’ to freak out my coworkers.

Keep going for the video, my favorite part is the guy at 0:10 running with his hand in a pocket and smoking a cigarette.