I wonder what the aliens think.
Video Of The Ingenuity Mars Copter Flying Above The Red Planet

This is a video of the Ingenuity rotorcraft (upper middle of screencap) flying above the Martian surface. Ingenuity, the first flying craft deployed by humans on another planet, flew approximately 700-feet at an altitude of 26-feet before landing. The footage, albeit relatively unimpressive to watch if you pretend this is Arizona, is very impressive to think about. I mean we actually have a little ROFLcopter flying around on another planet. That’s wild. As wild as I get on Friday nights? That depends on how wild you consider watching romantic Christmas movies until 7:00PM then putting on my sleep mask and going to bed by 8:30PM. “The rockstar lifestyle.” Right? I had to get up three times in the night just to pee.