Woman Delivers Ski Resort Snow Report While Skier Struggles Down Stairs In Background

This is a video of Abbey Way delivering a recent snow report for Seven Springs Mountain Resort in southwestern Pennsylvania while a skier hangs on for dear life in the background trying to make it down the stairs. Do you think Abbey was self-taping the video, or do you think there was someone laughing into their snow jacket behind the camera watching this person struggle? Whatever the case, Seven Springs is actually one of the ski resorts we would go to on high school ski trips when I lived in Maryland. It also holds the honor of being the place where I touched my very first boob. A snowwoman boob, but still, I made her pretty realistic with beer bottle eyes and everything.

Thanks to JustA, who’s probably going to kill me and that snowwoman now out of jealousy. Ooooor just think I’m an idiot, which I am.