Jesus? Are you gonna take the wheel or not?
Screw This, I’m Outta Here: Woman Drives Over High Curb At Sonic Drive-In

Because what good is buying a compact crossover SUV if you can’t do a little off-roading/on-sidewalking, this is a video of a woman in a new Nissan Rogue going over a high curb at a Sonic drive-in. Some more details from the guy filming while I wish I had a foot-long chili cheese dog and cherry limeade Slush right now:

“The first day of my new job and my coworker and I went to a sonic drive-in for lunch because it was across the street from the building we were working on. As we were sitting in the work van eating a lady pulled into the stall beside us but I assume wasn’t close enough to hit the order button so she tried backing out but couldn’t get it quite right and ended up driving over the curb and off the ledge, damaging her car.”

Wow. I like how she just peaces out afterwards like she didn’t just drive off a cliff and leave a piece of her car behind. I also like how she immediately drives up ON THE VERY NEXT CURB when she gets out to the street. Clearly, this Rogue has a thing for curbs. For reference, my Explorer has a thing for creeks and mailboxes.

Keep going for the video while I speculate if she’s headed straight across the street to that liquor store, or of she’d been there already.