Cool, looks like game night's at your house because that thing wouldn't even fit in my yard.
At 30-Feet, This Is The World’s Largest D&D Dungeon Map

This is a photo and short video of the roughly 30-foot long dungeon map created by RPG-themed tea company D&Tea (there’s a market for everything). Now that — that would make for a serious Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Obviously, I will play as my usual rogue elf arcane trickster and leave that dungeon with so much gold in my pockets even Smaug would be jealous. Ooooor be brutally killed in the first battle because I failed my roll to tie a stone giant’s bootlaces together with magic.

@dandteaco We made the world's largest dungeon map. I don't know what we are going to DO with it yet. Design by DysonLogos. #dnd #dndtiktok #rpg #fyp ♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio