Below: swim practice getting cancelled.
WTF!: Distracted Driver Obliterates Above-Ground Pool

Note: Video will autoplay with loud crash at the beginning, check your volume.

This is some footage from a family’s backyard security camera of a distracted driver plowing through their fence and completely obliterating their above-ground pool, which actually helped stop the car from entering the house. That…is terrifying. Thankfully there was nobody in the backyard at the time and nobody was injured in the incident. I mean except me. I was so traumatized just watching that I don’t feel safe in my own backyard anymore. I mean what if a distracted driver plows through my hedges and hits me while I’m…you know. “Sunbathing nude.” Exactly, I heard getting some sun between your butt cheeks is good for your soul. “Who told you that?” The guy who sold me the anus tan enhancing lotion.