Mugunghwa-kkochi pieot-seumnida
13-Foot ‘Red Light, Green Light’ Doll From Squid Games Installed In Korea

A 13-foot statue in the likeness of the Young-hee doll used to play red light, green light (aka red light, dead light) in Squid Games has been installed at Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea to give fans of the series “a chance to experience a bit of what it feels like being on Netflix’s mega hit show.” Numerous fans have flocked to the site to play a little red light, green light themselves, but without the fear of being shot if you move. But also without the chance of winning $38 million. I’d rather take my chances. “And participate in the actual Squid Games?” Blindfolded and handcuffed if I have to be just please pick me I owe a lot of people a lot of money.