I'm only happy when it rains, I'm only happy when it's complicated
A Relaxing 30 Minute Compilation Of Rain From 30 Different Video Games

This is ‘It’s Rain In Games: Part 1’ (so you’re saying we can expect a sequel?!), a 30-minute compilation of rain from 30 different video games, as edited together by possible digital precipitation fetishist Jez Burrows. There’s everything from oldschool 8-bit style pixelated square raindrops to today’s ultra-realistic weather. Personally, I’ve been playing through The Last Of Us: Part II, and I’m not gonna lie: I don’t think I’d survive a zombie apocalypse. I know I talk a big game, but I’m pretty sure I’d get bitten. And, knowing me, hide it until it’s too late and infect the rest of my friends and family. I can’t help it, I’m…what’s the word? “A giant selfish a$$hole.” That’s the one.