I didn't even see her nose move!
44.1dB: Canadian Woman Sets World Record For Loudest Nose Whistle

Canadian children’s book author and illustrator Lulu Lotus recently set the Guinness World Record for loudest nose whistle, with an impressive 44.1dB snoot hooter. That’s about as loud as a bird’s call. In her own words while I go blow my nose (technically pick) so it stops unintentionally whistling when I breathe:

I discovered that indeed, there was a Guinness World Record category for the loudest nose whistler. Instantly, I knew I had to seize this incredible opportunity….This Guinness World Records attempt is not only a celebration of my unique talent but also a tribute to the incredible support of friends, the kindness of strangers, and my lifelong dream of making my mark in the Guinness World Records book

I needed to measure the sound of my nose whistle using a complex and expensive device, costing several thousand dollars. Undeterred, I embarked on a mission to find assistance. It was during this quest that fate led me to a local company called Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. in Mississauga. When I reached out to them for guidance, they graciously offered to support me pro bono. I was overjoyed and remain forever grateful for their generosity.

Dare to dream, folks, that’s the message here. That seems to be the message a lot of places, and that’s because it’s important. I mean if you aren’t dreaming, what are you doing? “Being awake?” And there’s nothing worse than that! Thank you coming to my sermon, don’t forget to tithe heavily on your way out.