I'm flying, Jack!
9,090-Piece LEGO Titanic Is To Be The Largest Set Yet, $630

LEGO has announced the release of it’s largest traditional building set to datethe 9,090 piece Titanic (previously: its 9,036-piece Roman Colosseum). The 1:200 scale ship measures a respectable 54″ long, 7″ wide, 18″ tall and breaks into three cross sections so you can see the various and inner workings of the ship, including the grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, and engines. Turn the propellers and watch the pistons in the engines turn inside! Impressive. Still, am I the only one more than a little miffed it doesn’t include Jack and Rose minifigs and I’ll have to make them myself? That’s disappointing. It should also come with an iceberg.

Thanks again to my dad, who, for three tips in a day, will receive my help making the salad for dinner tonight.