AKA the where are the cats bed?
A Platform Bed Built With A Maze For Cats Beneath It

Cats: a lot of them like to hide under the bed. Mine are no exception. Enter this $600 – $800 ‘Gatrimonial Bed‘ made by Colombia-based CatLife. It’s a platform bed (mattress not included) with a sort of maze underneath so your cats can find a safe, quiet (at least until you and your partner get into bed, *wink*) place to hide or nap. Obviously, it’s the perfect bed for someone who wants to make seeing or accessing their cat as difficult as possible until you start to wonder if they’re just under the bed or escaped days ago. “Honey, when was the last time you saw the cats?” On Monday but something keeps pooping in the litter box and I’m not owning up to it.

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