My dogs fell asleep just watching.
A Compilation Video Of The 60 Tricks Monkey The Dog Learned Before Turning 1

Remember Monkey, the Ninja Warrior course tackling dog? Well this is a compilation video of all sixty tricks he learned before turning one. Perching on a single rope (above) — now that’s impressive. For reference, my dogs are two and eight and I’m not sure if they even know their own names yet. And not for a lack of trying either, I assure you. Sometimes they lay down when I say lay down when I have a treat in my hand, but I’m not convinced they aren’t just trying everything they can think of because they also bark and jump and spin around and sit when I say it too. They’re awful and I love them so much, even when I have to wipe their butts when we come inside because they can’t manage to poop right. “They get that from their father.” Whatever, dear.