Crash smash bash!
Playing Pac-Man With Radio Controlled Heavy Machinery

Presumably to reignite the desire to own my own backhoe loader despite having no use for one, this is a video released by Caterpillar to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man and market their own heavy machinery in the process. In it, a group of Caterpillar customers, expert machinery operators, and gamers use radio controlled skid-steer loaders to ‘play’ a giant game of Pac-Man in a trench maze. Of course the video is all heavily edited and I question if a ‘game’ was ever actually played at all, or if they just steered the machines around the maze for a bit and edited it to look like they were doing anything more than that. Honestly, they should have been out there crashing those machines into each other to prove just how tough Caterpillars are, but why take advice from the man with an undergraduate marketing degree and MBA with marketing concentration, what the hell does he know? “Still very little.” FACT.