You're a skater, Harry!
Hogwarts Castle And Hyrule Temple Skateparks Created In New Tony Hawk Game

Remember that Super Mario 64 Princess Peach castle skatepark that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 player Skramblez created? Well now he’s back with a Hyrule Temple park (from Super Smash Bros.) and a Hogwarts Castle park from those books and movies about all those lucky little magical bastards running around. *aiming stick at bread loaf* SANDWICH! Dammit, they make it look so easy. Anyway both parks are playable on the PC version of the game (only) if you search Hyrule Temple or Hogwarts Castle in the Create A Park browser. Now if you’ll excuse me *puts on robe and wizard hat* I have a love potion to finish mixing. “That looks like a margarita.” Oh it is, but my girlfriend really seems to love me a lot more after a few.