I can practically see Bart skateboarding home.
Man Performs Difficult Arrangement Of The Simpson Theme For Piano

This is a video of incredibly talented pianist Vinheteiro performing a very spirited arrangement of The Simpsons theme that he made. Clearly, Vinheteiro is great at making arrangements. Me? I am not so good. One time I made arrangements to take my girlfriend out for our anniversary but forgot what restaurant I made reservations at. “Forgot what restaurant you made reservations at, or forgot your anniversary entirely?” Haha, you think just like she does!

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  1. Lt. Broccoli

    Maybe you explained it else where but seems like this and Geekologie are now basically the same site?

    1. Virgil Grin

      no this is a completely seperate site, geekologie just kept using the sources formerGW has always used so theres overlap. Its a great way to see how much better a writer he is than his replacement.

  2. DThor

    Fun fact – Danny Elfman wrote the theme in a day, humming it to himself on the way back from the first meeting and overall has been the most lucrative 3 notes he’s ever composed. They are the same notes as the song Maria, from West Side Story.

    1. Crafton

      that WAS a fun fact. thanks for that