Not so smart now, are you?!
AI Ball Tracker For Televised Soccer Game Keeps Drifting To Ref’s Bald Head

Because it’s called artificial intelligence and not artificial genius for a reason, this is a video from a recent Scottish Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC soccer club game where the AI operated ball tracker keeps drifting to the head of a line ref with a bald head. As far as artificial intelligence goes, I’ve got the feeling this one might need to repeat a grade. Some more info about the incident:

As part of efforts to increase social distancing and protect its fans, a couple of weeks ago the Scottish Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC soccer club announced that it would be live-streaming all home games at its Caledonian Stadium to season ticket holders or those wishing to watch a specific game through a pay-per-view service. As part of the initiative, the club also revealed that it would be replacing human camera operators with a new automatic camera system from a company called Pixellot that leverages artificial intelligence to track the ball on the field and automatically keep the important action centered on screen.

Could you imagine all the rabid Iverness fans trying to watch this live-stream and the camera continually drifting away from the action to a ref on the sideline? I mean soccer fans are a whole different breed of crazy, and I can only imagine the number of chair legs and wall patch repair kits that were sold the next day.