Alien Humanoid Robot Stocking Convenience Store Drinks

This is a video of a Model-T alien humanoid robot developed by technology firm Telexistence stocking a convenience store’s drink selection via remote operator. Some more info while I try (and easily succeed) to pull drinks out the other side even faster than this robotic nerd can stock them:

As the first step, TX will start remotely operating the restocking of PET plastic beverage bottles from the backyard storage area of the store, which makes up a relatively large portion of the workload in the store, and also verify the restocking speed and accuracy of the robot. Going forward, FamiyMart and TX will continue to expand the items to be handled by the robot to other product categories, such as rice balls, sandwiches and bento boxes, and aim to deploy the Model-T in up to 20 stores franchised by TX by 2022. In the meantime, TX will continue aiming to introduce Model-T to a broader franchise network and eventually cover all FamilyMart stores.
By introducing Model-T into stores, FamilyMart store staff will be able to work in multiple stores from a remote location, which will help solve challenges around labor shortage and help create new job opportunities. It will also lead to the reduction of human-to-human contact to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Sure, all of those of things, but the speed — the speed just isn’t there. I mean if time were no object, sure, but time is money, and money is…power. And power is…”Rangers.” YES. Thank you, I knew we’d get there. “It’s morphin’ time!” Heck yeah it is. *aiming Captain Planet ring in air* Heart!