Well squeaky squeak squeak to you too!
Awww: Wildlife Photographer Captures Up-Close Audio Of 7-Week Old Red Squirrel

This is a short video captured by zoologist and wildlife photographer Dani Conner Wild (appropriate last name) of the sounds a seven-week old red squirrel makes while snacking on a nut. The squirrel is actually one of four babies that Dani cares for in the wild after their mother was hit by a car. Man…I still remember the first time I got hit by a car. The second time too. Just not the third — that one knocked like eight months of memory out of me, which was kind of awesome because then I got to watch all of Game Of Thrones like it was new again.


Thanks to my friend becca b, who agrees you should think about these orphans the next time you’re speeding through the forest all willy-nilly.