I did, I did taw a puddy tat.
Bird Recites Tweety’s ‘I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat’ In Front Of Cat

This is a short clip of Tango the Quaker parrot (aka monk parakeet) reciting Tweety’s famous ‘I tawt I taw a puddy tat’ in front of his feline roommate Diesel. Some more info while I try to train the birds outside my office window to poop on command, then start charging a monthly protection fee to people who want to use the sidewalk below without getting pooped on:

“The cat Diesel has been obsessed with Tango (bird) since he was a kitten and since I must call the names of the other animals around the house often Tango knows all of their names and also calls out commands to them. Diesel is always near the cage and I just started saying “I tawt I saw puddy cat” when he showed up and Tango caught on.”

A cat and mouse living together — that’s a dangerous combo. “That’s a bird.” That’s what I meant, like Tom and Jerry. “Okay now they’re a cat and a mouse.” Like Snoopy and Woodstock! “Exactly.” See? I get things, I’m not stupid.