I like how he rages a bit at the end of the video to let you know his pre-workout shake is really doing its thing.
Man Performs Extremely Heavy Weight Back Extensions

My back pops whenever I stand up too fast, and this is a video of some dude performing a set of back extensions with what can only be described as too much weight. I mean unless those are those fake foam circus strongman weights. How much does each one of those plates weigh anyways? Those are at least only 15’s on the outside though according to these plates these plates from Valor Fitness (I zoomed and enhanced). For reference I once tried performing a back extension clutching a 5-pound weight to my chest and wasn’t sure if I was ever coming back up. Honestly, the only plates I like picking up are the ones at an all-you-can-eat buffet. FUN FACT: I’ve never not gotten my money’s worth and been asked to leave.