Heck yeah, now you just need a silver dollar sword!
Chainmail Dress Made From 2,652 Pennies Is Both Battle And Date Night Ready

Lovingly crafted by maker of things Crescent Shay over the course of (I assume) many centuries, this chainmail cocktail dress is constructed of 2,652 pennies. Inspired by scalemail, to make the dress Shay first had to collect all the pennies (more than she anticipated), wash them, then drill three holes in each and sew them together. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. Plus in the event you’re wearing a penny chainmail cocktail dress but accidentally left your dragon head purse at home, you’re still good for $26.52. Of course then you’d be naked, so you better be buying a long t-shirt.

Keep going for several more shots and a video covering the whole construction process while I wonder what you would smell like after wearing it out for a night of sweaty dancing.