What is wrong with you?!
Speeding Snow-Blasting Snowplow Causes Accident

This is some dashcam footage from a semi traveling on Interstate 80 near Norwalk, Ohio of a speeding snowplow absolutely hurling snow and ice into oncoming traffic, damaging cars and causing an accident in the process. Per the trucker filming while I order some sexy lady mudflaps for my Explorer:

The plow was coming westbound at an excessively high rate of speed, while plowing the snow, had his blade angled too high, and maintained course for about 7 miles. The snow damaged dozens of cars and semi-trucks. My driver-side headlight assembly was blown off the truck completely.

Yeah, that’s irresponsible. Was it this driver’s first day plowing snow or what? Because they probably should have been started on parking lot detail. Leave the highway plowing to the professionals. Or at least someone who isn’t trying to add involuntary manslaughter to their resume.