"You know me and my hot sauce."
Classic: Woman Tricks Mother Into Thinking She’s Drinking A Bottle Of Hot Sauce

Note: Language, mother may be a sailor.

This is a video of a woman having McDonald’s breakfast in the car with her mom and tricking her into thinking she’s drinking a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo sauce (she replaced it with tomato juice). Per her appropriately reacting mother: “Chris! Stop it. What are you gonna do, burn your intestines out?! I hate to see when you take a sh*it. Your a$$hole’s gonna be burnin’. And I’m not gonna take you to the emergency room either.” Then, after he daughter reveals it was a prank, “Bitch.” Now that’s a solid mother/daughter relationship right there. Although if my kid ever tries this when I’m older I’m going to be one step ahead of him and replace his fake hot sauce with 100X ghost pepper concentrate then watch him shit a hole through his car seat while I laugh and puke.