Probably not the best choice for a midday skinny-dip.
Clear Pool Connecting Two Apartment Buildings 115-Feet High Opening In London

Opening May 19th, the ‘Sky Pool’ in London’s Nine Elms neighborhood connects the tenth story rooftops of the Embassy Gardens Legacy buildings with a heated 85-foot pool, 46-feet of which is clear acrylic and ‘floating’ 115-feet above the street below. The clear portion of the almost 10-feet deep pool has acrylic sides measuring nearly 8-inches thick, with a bottom that’s almost 12-inches thick, and weighs 50 tons empty. Would I swim in it? Absoutely not. And not just because the pool is only open to people who own units in the buildings (starting at around $1,300,000 and going up to $7,000,000 for the penthouse suite) and their guests, but I definitely don’t know anybody that rich. Let me rephrase that — I definitely don’t know anybody that rich that would admit to knowing me.