But what can it do to an arm?
Closeup Of A Beaver Chewing Through A Tree: So That’s How They Do It

This is a rare, closeup video of a beaver *snicker* chewing through a tree *stops laughing* to use as part of its dam. So, if you were wondering how beavers chew through trees, this is it. I think it has something to do with their teeth. Or maybe it’s their determination. It’s definitely not their laser eyes though, because they don’t have them. FUN FACT: 1-800 Contacts sent me a single colored contact to try with my most recent order so I’ve had two different colored eyes all day (one brown, one grey), but my girlfriend hasn’t noticed, presumably because she grew tired of peering into the windows to my soul and being disgusted by what she saw there a long time ago. Can’t say I blame her.