"It's actually scary how much they know about you just based on your swiping patterns and things you talk about in your chat."
Gamer Dating App CEO Discusses 3 Ways Apps Scam Users

This is a video of Kippo gamer dating app CEO David Park discussing three ways most dating apps scam users. Mainly by 1) creating fake profiles of hot hunks and babes and showing them to your first to make you think there are lots of good looking people on the app, 2) holding back your matches unless you start paying and 3) selling your data, including information they gather about you VIA CHAT CONVERSATIONS YOU HAVE WITH MATCHES *deletes all dating apps immediately*. Thankfully, David ensures us Kippo doesn’t do any of this. Of course the greatest scam dating apps pull off is convincing users love is real and they can find it. I’m not bitter you’re bitter.


We don’t do any of this bs at Kippo. We’re not scummy like that. #datingapp #kippoapp #sus #scam

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