Finally, A Giant Flintstones Car Pool Float

Because dreams occasionally do come true (or so I’ve been led to believe on Instagram), this is the Flintstones Flintmobile pool float from PoolElite and available on Amazon (currently sold out). The unit can accommodate up to three adults (there’s always gotta be a third wheel) includes a cooler in the very front, a detachable UPF 50 sunshade above, a mesh rear window “with hole for hoop practice”, aka trying to hit the people on the raft with an empty beer can, two cup holders, and steering wheel with squeaky horn. Obviously, I must have one. “We don’t even have a pool.” What do you call the giant water filled hole in our backyard, honey? “The apartment complex’s retention pond?” So…. “So you really need to stop swimming in it.” Dammit, I’m getting this raft.