That's gonna leave a mark.
Firing A Rifle With A Barrel Bent All The Way Backwards

This is a video from the folks at Youtube channel DemolitionRanch of a rifle with a barrel bent all the way back to the scope being fired to see what will happen. Surprisingly, apparently there was some truth to those old Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoons, and the bullet easily exits the end of the bent barrel, through the scope, and into a 7-Up. Still, this is probably not the weapon you’d hope to grab at the beginning of the Hunger Games unless you’re just trying to lose as fast as possible.

Keep going for the video, which features a bunch of bullets being shot through various lengths of pipe first, then the bent barrel shot starting at 10:30.

Thanks to Tim M, who agrees this would have been the perfect opportunity for a ballistics gel head.