Oh man Rose from Titanic would lose her mind up there!
Flying An Ultralight Plane In Formation With Geese

This is a video of Tom Scott and ultralight aircraft pilot Christian Moullec of FlyWithBirds flying in formation and at the same speed of a gaggle of geese. Christian started FlyWithBirds after learning about the declining population of Lesser White-fronted geese, and decided to accompany them on their migratory journey to raise awareness about the protection of migratory birds. He now regularly accompanies the geese along their migratory routes, as well as offering tourist flights (€636, ~$794 for an hour) in order to fund his conservation efforts. Wow, that must be a trip being up there flying right alongside the birds! I want to do it. You only live once, you know. Granted when you’re an undead warlock like me that one life lasts forever, but still better to do it now before the apocalypse and the only flying I can do is with winged demons.