Even the tortoise did better, and he took an hour just to cross the starting line!
Girl Performs World’s Worst Start To Running Race

This is a video of a young runner demonstrating the worst way to start a race, first by falling on her face, then by falling on her hands, then by taking off like a duck while the woman filming asks if she’s okay. Was that her mom? I like how this video made its way online. That’s a mother’s love right there. She can’t understand why an email didn’t go through just because she got one letter in the email address wrong, yet still manages to upload your most embarrassing moment to the internet.


It’s tough out here 😭😭😭

♬ Love Letter – Novaakan3

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees she should have just turned around and started green and red shelling the racers as they came around the final turn.