Pat I'd like to solve please.
Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Easily Solvable Without Any Letters

Haha! Know what it is? I bet you do, you’re a smart cookie. Not the best tasting, but smart. You know, I actually bought two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday: one box of Somoas (aka Caramel deLites), and one box of the new Adventurfuls (delicious), and now I have nothing to show for them but two empty boxes and a longing for more. I guess I’ll head out at lunch to see if the troop is set up in front of the grocery store again, then go apeshit and start throwing shopping carts around when they aren’t because it isn’t the weekend. My hanger puts even the Hulk to shame. “He once pushed over all the grocery store shelves like dominos because they were out of his favorite peanut butter.” Who runs out of Skippy?!

Thanks to Jocelyn, who agrees Pat should retire already.