"Pink pineapple." -- famous last words
Girl Unknowingly Tries To Smell Lit Candle, Wax Party Ensues

This is a video from TikTok user aubrey_hepburn of a friend at her apartment causally picking up a pink pineapple candle to smell not realizing it’s lit and pouring hot wax all over her face and hair and clothes. As far as recommended ways to smell candles goes, this is not one of them. Also, I like how chill Aubrey is when it happens, almost as if she expected it to happen. “Haha, gotcha!” I imagine Aubrey thinking to herself after her plan worked perfectly.

@aubrey_hepburn pink pineapple 💦💕🍍#FrunktheBeat #katespadenycabana #fyp ♬ original sound – Aubrey

Note: TikTok video HERE in case your browser mistakenly thought this video was something else entirely and didn’t want you getting fired from work.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees candles aren’t for everyone.