No he doesn't think it just went away, he assumes you peed, dummy.
Guy Stuck On Ski Lift For Two Hours Needs To Pee

Because as luck would have it, when nature calls, you’re stuck on a broken chair lift, this is a video from a Canadian ski resort where a dude trapped on the lift really needs to pee. He asks the ski patroller that comes to check on he and his buddy if he should just pee there, and the guy says if he were him, he would. This dude doesn’t though. Me? I totally would have. I mean sure, it would have been a jarring when my penis hit the snow, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

keep going for the video (complete with rescue operation) while I wonder why dude didn’t just take his skis off, hang from the lift, and fall into the snow. It’s not that high.