Alright, that's enough internet for today.
Hey, You’re Gonna Wake The Others!

Because this is the internet and the internet never fails to shock/amaze/disgust/confuse, this is a video of a head in the sand at night warning a person with a flashlight that they’re going to wake the others, and the others being woken. I just watched it at least ten times in a row, and I’m not honestly not sure where to begin, although I’m fairly certain it involves closing my laptop for the rest of the day and walking away from it shaking my head.


DON’T WAKE THEM ##fyp ##viral ##funny ##theboys ##marcoisland ##sandheads

♬ original sound – The Johnson Brothers

Thanks again to JustA, who, for three tips in a day, receives like her sixth or seventh gold star sticker. Hey — you’re not just reselling these on eBay are you?