And what a kisser!
Holy Smokes!: This Entirely Edible Gingerbread Venom Bust

This is the gingerbread Venom bust created by Norwegian gingerbread artist Caroline Eriksson. As you can see, it’s totally nuts. Some more info from Caroline while I try to take a selfie tongue-kissing the thing without breaking it:

Finished my gingerbread symbiote bust after a couple of weeks and a gazillion hours! I tried out a gingerbread “clay” recipe for this which actually allows for sculpting in a more traditional way, amazing!! Everything except the base is edible – the drool is made of isomalt and piping gel, and it is airbrushed with edible colours..

But how does it taste? Because I remember as a kid we’d make gingerbread cookies to hang on the Christmas tree as ornaments and my little sister would still be sneaking them off the tree and eating them like mid-January. Haha — isn’t that right, Becky? She’s also been known to eat Santa’s cookies!

Keep going for several more shots and an Instagram video.