Hoho, Jell-O shots beer pong -- I'm in.
Compilation Video Of Crushing Various Objects Encased In Jell-O In A Fast Shredder

This is a rather satisfying, possibly ASMR video of Youtuber Gojzer crushing a variety of different objects both in regular form and encased in Jell-O, using a fast shredder. The sound that Jell-O makes reminds me of of when I used to squish it in-between my teeth as a kid. I mean I still try to do it now but it just isn’t the same since my teeth look like Gollum’s because, as my dentist put it, “Holy shit!” and “What have you done?!” and “I just saw you not even a month ago!” and I have to explain a bet is a bet and Pop Rocks don’t have shit on firecrackers.