10,200: My total number of Playstation trophies
Valuable Information: Comparing Arbitrary Video Game Numbers

This is a video from Reigarw Comparisons comparing various numbers from different video game franchises. Things like number of guns in Fortnite, champions in League Of Legends, number of Pokemon, number of different cosmetics available in Team Fortress 2, planets in No Man’s Sky, etc., etc. The numbers start at a very modest 4 (number of bending elements in Avatar: The Last Airbender) and ends with 10^10^215 (the total number of different placements of every Minecraft block in every world possible) Honestly, the whole thing is like comparing apples and oranges those fake grapes my little sister Becky is always trying to eat at T.J. Maxx. Can you tell it’s her birthday today? It’s her birthday today.