What's her favorite song?!
Incredibly Impressive Stranger Things Floating Max Halloween Yard Decoration

This is a short video of the Stranger Things inspired floating Max Halloween yard decoration set up by Chicago-based Dave and Aubrey Appel. Apparently Max is made out of pool noodles, and really is floating, although the couple won’t reveal how exactly they made it ahead of the Halloween holiday. Please, but I have to know the secret!

“We put in a ton — a ton — of effort,” Dave said.

The couple said that the effect is extremely practical but they don’t want to spoil the magic ahead of the holiday.

“She’s really floating,” Dave said. “She looks just like you see in the video in person — but knowing the secret is a lot of the fun of it.”

It’s fishing line, right? She’s hanging from fishing line strung from the eave of the house, right? I need to know. And not just because I plan on doing the exact same thing and claiming I was the first to come up with it, but it’s not like it’s copyrighted. Stop stealing my ideas, Dave!


♬ Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Thanks to my dad, who agrees the better the decorations, the bigger the candy bars.