Hoho, turn those tables!
Internet Scam Expert Freaks Out Scammers By Calling Them By Their Real Names

This is a long form (20-minute) video of internet scam expert/real life Liam Neeson from Taken Jim Browning doing his research and calmly calling out some tech support internet scammers by using their real names to let them know just how hard the’ve been busted. This guy, man — cool as a cucumber. The first portion of the video is him gathering information while speaking to one scammer, then at 7:00 he calls back and starts calling out another member of the team, eventually spooking him until he hangs up. He calls back yet again at 12:55 and really starts laying into the scam, then makes one final call at 15:45 to speak with the original scammer and freak him the f*** out. Needless to say, the whole thing got me more in the mood than listening a Barry White album and now I’ve been sitting in my car outside the beer store for ten minutes waiting for my boner to subside so I can go in and grab some cold ones.