Well, I've officially seen it all now.
Curved Flatware To Exist “In Harmony With Your Circular Plate”

These are several photos of the Curved Flatware set created and sold by Object Rights. 3D printed in bronzed steel, you can get a 2-piece set (dinner fork and knife) for $200, 3-piece (+ spoon) for $250 and 4-piece (+ salad fork) for $300. Obviously, none of those are very good deals, although the company advertises the set has an “ergonomic design to help reduce wrist pressure.” You know what else would help reduce wrist pressure? Having somebody feed you. I’m just saying, if you can comfortably afford to spend $300 on a 4-piece flatware set, you can also afford to have somebody in a sexy pilot or stewardess costume fly forkfuls of caviar and truffles into your hangar.